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21 April 2011
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25 January 2010
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Monitoring Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a normal situation, but can easily be diverted to a pathological one, being risky for the lives of both mother and the infant.

For this reason, the medical surveillance is essential, while the contribution of the doctor and the obstetrician is decisive for the successful outcome of the labor. The pregnant woman has to follow the doctor’s advice on the diet that she follows and the lifestyle she applies. Frequently, the doctor may become unpleasant, due to the strict advice he gives, but a woman with prudency will apply the precepts.

The woman will see clear results at the end of the pregnancy and will thank the doctor for his strictness.

During the pregnancy, the check up should take place from the first moment of the conception untill the 28th week, once every month. From the 28th week untill the 36th, the check up should be done twice every month, while from the 36th week untill the labor once a week. If there are any complications, the doctor may determine more frequent visits.

Natural childbirth is the best way to bring a child into this world and the theories of "security" of childbirth by caesarean fall on deaf ears. The caesarean section is the last solution and those who apply the caesarian section systematically, without an absolute indication, prove that they lag in obstetrics. Besides, the dangers for the mother and the infant are really high.