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Menopause and other gynecological endocrinology diseases.

Gynecological endocrinology diseases should me mainly encountered from the gynecologist. The main diseases are the disease of the ovaries, the disease of the suprarenal glands, as well as the disease of thyroid. Of course, regarding the suprarenal glands, a general practitioner can also participate. Lots of diseases that occur because of the suprarenal glands or the thyroid, are being diagnosed in the first place from the gynecologist who has the obligation to send the patient to the endocrinologist. However, there are some diseases which are within the exclusive jurisdiction of gynecologist.


Menopause is in the exclusive jurisdiction of the gynecologist. There are a lot of negative comments regarding the hormonal substitution, which is completely wrong and serves only various pharmaceutical interests. It would be wishful for the patients not to believe everything they read in the press, in the newspapers and in some websites as well.

The correct confrontation of menopause can be held from a gynecologist who is also an expert in endocrinology. What is more, it would be better for the patients to resort to a doctor with the proper knowledge regarding the anti-menopause treatment.

For the majority of women, menopause begins after the age of 47, while there are also cases that begins after the age of 52. Of course, there are exceptions regarding these ages and it can also begin from the age of 37-38 or later, from the age of 56-58. These cases are rare, but they are considered as normal too.