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Surgery in Gynecological Urology

In these surgeries, the aim is to examine the urinary system of the woman in order to face the ailments that may occur. In this section, there is a division of the ailments that can be treated by the gynecologist and those trated by the urologist.

Bladder Check Up

This check up is an endoscopic method, whose aim is the diagnosis of the internal bladder. If the gynecologist diagnoses ailments regarding diceases beyond his jurisdiction, he has to refer the patient to an urologist. The procedure is simple and the patient can leave within the same day.

Corrections of cystic-vaginal syringes

Cystic-vaginal syringes are heavy situations that come up from complicated surgeries mainly of neoplasm or from difficult labors.

The gynecologist who deals with the rehabilitation of these conditions must be specially trained and have extensive experience. Notwithstanding the difficulty of the surgery, success rates are high.

Urinary Ιncontinence

Urinary incontinence is common and can be treated with various operations. It usually occurs at postmenopausal age, 50 years old and over.

Operations are vaginal and abdominal. The doctor decides which is the best method, based on the symptoms, the age and the lifestyle of the patient.

Corrections preceding operational complications and errors

Unfortunately, many surgeries are carried out from doctors who are not fully trained in facing such ailments, having as a result complications and failure of the therapy.

In these cases, the doctor who undertakes the repair of the damage should be qualified and experienced. Most of the time, the results are excellent, but there may be also damage which can not be fully restored.

In any case, informing correctly the patient and his environment is essential, as well as the proper preparation before any operation.

The selection of the doctor must be based on strict criteria, not on acquaintances or recommendations of questionable severity.