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21 April 2011
With great pleasure, I would like to announce the publication of my new book on applied operative...
25 January 2010
With pleasure we announce the organization of the 1st Training Seminar in Operative Obstetrics, i...
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Clinical Examination

The clinical examination constitutes the most important part of the patient’s confrontation. It is absolutely essential for the diagnosis and it also helps the doctor to appreciate the existing possibilities that a patient has for the appropriate treatment.

The correct examination must be general and must include reviews, hearings, examination of lungs and heart, as well as complete control of the abdominal county, before the gynecological examinations take place.

In order to achieve prevention, considering the current data, an examination should be carried out per four-month period.

During the pregnancy, examinations should take place once a month, from the moment of conception until the completion of the 28th week.