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21 April 2011
With great pleasure, I would like to announce the publication of my new book on applied operative...
25 January 2010
With pleasure we announce the organization of the 1st Training Seminar in Operative Obstetrics, i...
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Local cauterizations: Cauterization can be held in the clinic. Usually, various chemicals are being used, depending on the case of course. A local anesthesia can also be used, in the case that the cauterization is painful. This usually takes place in diseases of the cervix or the vulva. Cervicitis or warts are indicative cases to which a cauterization is recommended.

Biopsy: Biopsies take place in case of local anesthesia so as the doctor will do diagnosis of the pathological tissue and exclude the possibility of cancer.

Hormonal substitution: Hormonal substitution is a medical treatment, provided to women who are in the stage of menopause, so that they can be protected against the present diseases. I stress that the menopause does not provoke cancer but, in general terms, it protects them.

The patient should be very careful regarding the negative publications of the harmonic substitution, which, at most times, serve the interests of the pharmaceutical companies.

In case of hormonal insufficiencies in young people, it is crucial to provide them with hormones in order to re-establish any damaged body operation.

The correct confrontation is knowledge itself and not the fear of the unknown and the sciolism.